What is Hot Fillable Packaging?

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: December 20, 2019

Hot Fillable Packaging
Hot fill packaging processes are used for spaghetti sauce, juice, soup, and other foods and beverages. Hot filling is the process of filling a heated, commercially stable product into non-sterile packaging. The product is heated upwards of 190°F, then placed into hot fill bottles or containers. The packaging is sealed and the containers are turned on their heads to make sure the cap is sterilized. Finally, the product is rapidly cooled in a hermetic container at a specified rate, to complete the sterilization process.

Can plastic containers be used for hot fill packaging?

Clear PP plastic hot fill bottles and snap-lock containers with lids are two forms of acceptable plastic container to use as hot fillable packaging. PET and PP plastic containers and lids are the most popular hot fill options. Heat-set PET is a special term used to describe hot-fill PET bottles and containers. Heat-set PET packaging can withstand temperatures of 192°F, and still retain structural composition. PET is a lightweight, durable, and cost-effective alternative to glass. Glass is also a beneficial hot fill packaging option.

Do hot fill bottles protect light-sensitive products?

Certain colors of plastic or glass hot-fill bottles provide ultraviolet protection. Colored glass and plastic help prevent chemical reactions in products caused by extended contact with artificial or natural light rays. Blue, amber, green, and violet glass or plastic packaging has natural light filtering properties that protect light-sensitive products like cooking oils or gourmet sauces.

Does hot fill packaging destroy product nutrients?

Glass and PET hot fillable containers help preserve the taste, vitamins, and nutrients of freshly packed products. Hot fill processing allows manufacturers to use little to no preservatives in products. A lack of preservatives makes the rich, fresh flavors and scents of foods and beverages last longer and is a popular choice for health-conscious consumers.

Most clear PP plastic hot fill bottles have broad necks that are harder than the rest of the bottle, to help packaging withstand extended contact with hot fill equipment nozzles. To get more information about the hot fill process and its food packaging benefits, Contact Us for Benefits of Hot Fill Processing.