Hinged Lid Tins

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  • Hinged tins for promotional packaging, party favors and more
  • Hinged lids snap closed for a secure fastening
  • FDA Approved

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About This Product

Hinged lid tins are a unique and appealing package that offer a lot to a manufacturer. The tins are reusable and provide options for a design that include both labels and embossing. Rectangular seamless tins are suitable for packaging products such as candies, gums, and cough drops. The durable hinged tins have snap closures for security and no rough edges.

Hinged Lid Tins Are Versatile

Health and wellness companies can use hinged lid tins to package tablets, or salves and balms. As is the case with many types of tins, packaging hard candies and mints in them help keep flavor intact and protect them from moisture. Silver short tins can fit into most pockets or purses, so they make a portable packaging option. Seamless hinged tins can also hold loose-leaf tea, tobacco, and other plant-based products, and close up tight to prevent deterioration from the air while keeping contents from spilling.

While this type of container is traditionally called a tin, it is made with steel, giving it a solid construction. The tins are FDA compliant, providing great flexibility with packing food products. Square seamless tins with slide tops are popular for storing mints and draw attention to your brand on shelves. The compact, durable tins can also be used for packaging OTC medications, like throat lozenges and antacids, that don't require child-resistant closures.

Choosing Seamless Tins

For beauty products like eye shadows and blushes, consider hinged lid tins with windows to give consumers a preview of your product before they buy. Packaging candy and other sweets in small tins with hinged lids provides easy access to consumers and a tight closure. When looking at containers for promotional use, consider offering product samples in small black or silver tins. These small, sample size tins offer an inside varnish coating that helps protect the product while guarding against scratches and corrosion.

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