Berlin Packaging offers HDPE jars in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your packaging needs, and can be purchased in sizes as small as 3 ounces up to 2 gallons. HDPE beverage jars and other product containers are available in round, square, and specialty shapes. You can also purchase HDPE jars with caps.

Benefits and Uses of HDPE Jars

HDPE jars are an economical, versatile, and lightweight option for plastic jars to meet your packaging requirements. HDPE is a very stable, long lasting type of plastic that is resistant to mold, mildew, and insects. HDPE is also a strong plastic, making these jars impact resistant.

The chemical resistance and moisture barrier provided by HDPE makes it a good choice for storing a variety of items including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal care products like shampoos and conditioners, as well as household cleaners and chemicals like laundry detergent.

The benefits of HDPE combine to make the jars a suitable choice for food storage. Berlin Packaging offers many options for storing beverages, and these HDPE beverage jars are a good choice for items like water, milk, and juice.

Berlin Packaging also offers HDPE jars wholesale, which increases the affordability of HDPE jars as a packaging option.

HDPE Jars Are an Earth Friendly Option

HDPE plastic is lightweight and strong. This allows HDPE to deliver more product with less weight, reducing the overall environmental impact by using less energy, and creating less waste than many alternatives.

HDPE jars are also highly recyclable, and they are accepted by most recycling programs across the United States. Like virgin HDPE plastic, the recycled HDPE is also extremely versatile.

Increase Profits with Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging cares about the client's bottom line, and is available to assist you in a variety of ways throughout the entire packaging and design process. From offering wholesale pricing to providing highly affordable financing to customers, Berlin Financial Services are here to help you maximize profit.

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