Use 3 or 14-oz capacity standard application grease cartridges to package oil and water based grease and other lubricants. These cartridges feature a convenient easy open ring-pull tab top to help maintain product quality and consistency before use. After consumers finish using the product they can place the included plastic cap on the container to preserve leftover product for further use.

Choosing the Right Capacity Grease Cartridge

Order grease cartridges wholesale for packaging automotive, industrial, and agricultural machinery grease. Unlike other packaging tubes, grease cartridge tubes have a tough exterior and are poly lined on the interior for additional structural support. Small grease cartridges work for lubricating standard car and truck gears and mechanisms. Larger equipment will require more lubrication, so industrial lubricants packed in larger grease cartridges are convenient for farm machinery or construction equipment.

Benefits of Packaging in Grease Cartridges

Grease cartridges are easy to load, leak-resistant packaging for lubricants, and fit in most standard grease guns. The poly lined grease chamber prevents oil-based lubricants from seeping through the foil exterior. Disposable cartridges are also a cost-effective packaging solution for single-use applications. Depending on what containers were used to package, they can be recycled. Both the foil wrap and poly lined grease cartridges are recyclable at certain recycling facilities. Poly lined cartridges can also be reused if you thoroughly clean them before refilling. The durable grease cartridges are easy to stack for shipping purposes, and they can stand alone on store shelves.

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