Choose glass jugs in a variety of sizes and colors. Bottling juice, syrups, and other consumable fluids in clear glass jugs protects the contents from chemical leaching. Amber glass is a popular bottling choice for liquor because it has natural light-filtering properties.

Use Glass Jugs for Bottling Beverages

Glass is an efficient way to protect milk, juice, liquor and spirits, and even soda from spoiling or going flat. Glass jugs with lids help bottling companies save time by giving them complete units instead of two separate orders. Use beverage jugs to preserve the beneficial vitamins and minerals in fruit or vegetable juices.

Clear Glass Jugs Display the Richness of a Product

Clear glass jugs display the rich colors of juices and other liquids, and you can decorate them with a variety of caps and labels without worrying about clashing colors. Using clear jugs lets companies use any color combination in labeling. Eye-catching glass growler jugs are suitable for malt beverages because they're non-porous, leak-resistant, and air-tight with the correct caps or lids. Wholesale glass jugs help companies stay on budget and in production by providing bulk packaging at bottom-line pricing. Other colors of glass jugs include green, blue, and amber, which offer natural light-filtering properties that prevent potentially harmful UV rays from affecting product composition.

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