Drum faucets and spouts provide an easy way to dispense drum contents. They allow you to quickly start, adjust, and stop the flow of product from the drum, reducing waste from spillage, and saving valuable time. Choose from 55 gallon drum spouts or faucets that are compatible with a variety of viscous fluids and drum openings.

What Materials Are Best for Drum Faucets?

Drum spouts and faucets typically come in plastic, stainless steel, or brass. Plastic drum faucets are a good choice because they are usually cost-effective and guard against contamination. Many plastics, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), have a high resistance to chemicals, making them a good option for dispensing certain cleaning products or other liquid chemicals. Both stainless steel and brass are corrosion-resistant, meaning they will last longer. Brass doesn't rust, and can withstand high temperatures, making it both durable and compatible with many different types of products.

What Wholesale Drum Faucets Are Available?

Many drum faucets have levers that are easy to turn, or handles that are pulled or pushed in order to begin or adjust product dispensing. Some contain self-closing blades that make it even easier to stop contents from flowing. Additional drum and barrel accessories include vents that automatically relieve pressure, or can be manually manipulated to provide vacuum relief by using the valve system. These vents can also prevent contents in drums from igniting because of sparks or flames. Simple plastic stoppers are leakproof to prevent product waste, while drum gauges provide an easy way to measure content levels. Use a crimper to firmly seal on drum gauges, vents, or other closures.

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