Enjoy popular on the go food like delicatessen meats, cheese, and fruit using deli containers. They provide a secure, leak-resistant, convenient packaging solution for ready prepared food. Made from PP and HDPE, plastic deli containers make suitable holders for non-food items as well, like soaps and craft items where moisture would degrade or spoil the contents.

Store Cold Meats and More

Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are popular materials to use for deli containers with lids because they have a proven strength under pressure when stacked. Snap-lock and tamper-evident lids are available for keeping contents moisture and contaminant free and secure. Deli containers have an extensive adaptability, and are used along with other containers by non-food industries for cosmetics, small components, and pharmaceuticals. Many plastic deli containers are freezer and microwave safe, and recyclable. They are also re-usable in the home, giving them added appeal to consumers. 

A Full Range of Colors, Shapes, and Sizes to Choose From

Products such as fruit benefit from various shapes and sizes of deli containers. Able to handle large quantities of tropical fruits or salads, a sizable square, round, or oblong shaped container makes the most of the contents. Deli containers come in sizes from four ounces to two gallons, making them highly usable for tub style products like soup and ice cream. With high-priced specialty foods, smaller round deli containers suit the needs of the customer. Consider natural color deli containers with lids for products like olives, salads, meats, or cheeses to stand out on a shelf.

Designing Packaging to Suit Your Needs

At Berlin Packaging, structural package design by the Studio One Eleven team of industrial designers and engineer will kick-start a process to enhance your brand. From graphics on labels to redefining how customers use a product, Berlin's experts offer high-quality packaging solutions at no charge to customers in exchange for packaging business.

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