Cylinder Bottles

Cylinder bottles made of glass or plastic are practical for bottling beverages, health and beauty products, cleaning solutions, and more. The flat bases on these bottles make them a good standalone packaging solution.

Plastic Cylinder Bottles for Cleaning and Hygiene Products

Plastic cylinder bottles made with PET and HDPE materials are lightweight and come in several colors and sizes. PVC bottles are chemical-resistant for packaging shampoos, hair sprays, and other bath and personal hygiene products. Plastic cylinder bottles are also popular for packaging cleaning supplies. Using bottles made of plastic helps prevent breakage if product containers are dropped or handled roughly during shipping. Cylinder bottles with caps like trigger sprayers increase functionality for degreasing, glass cleaning, and disinfecting surfaces.

Glass Cylinder Bottles for Health and Beauty Supplies

Frosted and clear glass cylinder bottles are used in packaging upscale health and beauty products and are especially popular for eye and skin serums, perfumes, and other concentrated products like essential oils. Glass doesn't absorb aroma or oil, making it practical for scented or oil-rich beauty supplies. Treatment caps or spray pumps are an added convenience for consumers, and create complete packaging options for beauty products.

Tailored Decorating and Labeling for Your Products

In addition to offering cylinder bottles at wholesale prices, Berlin Packaging can help you create decorative labeling and branding solutions for your product packaging. Get your first full prototype the same day so you have a concrete view of what the end result will look like. The team at Studio One Eleven works with you every step of the way to design decorating and labeling that make your product stand out.

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