Custom Roll Label Creation

Create high quality labels with our custom label creator. Easy to use and durable, labels are quick to apply with a label applicator. Choose from one of 31 shapes/sizes and pre-designed art, or, upload your own!

About Our Roll Labels

  • Labels are made from BOPP (Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene)
  • 31 label shapes and sizes
  • Choose from up to 39 fonts & up to 53 colors (options may vary by label selected)
  • Laminated to create a glossy finish
  • Minimum roll size: 250 labels
  • Four wind directions available
  • Scratch, Tear, Water, Fade and UV-Resistant
  • Labels are permanently applied with label applicator
  • Printed on a 4-color digital press (CMYK)
  • Meet all safety/environmental quality standards in the United States and Europe
  • Complimentary proof included with each order

Custom Label FAQ

Can full wrap (360°) labels be made?

  • None of the labels are designed specifically to be wraparound labels.
  • Label shape 19 (7" X 1 7/8") is the closest to a wraparound, and is designed for a bottle of water, or for bath and body products.

What is the largest label available?

  • The largest possible is 11" x 17". The largest currently offered is 4" X 3 1/4" and 7" X 1 7/8".
  • Custom and photo labels available

What is the minimum order requirement for roll labels?

  • The MOQ for roll labels if 250 labels.

What size/resolution is required for picture labels?

  • At least 500 x 500 pixels / 300 DPI resolution.
  • A minimum 1/8" bleed is recommended.

If I use the custom label tool on the website, how will I get my labels?

The containers will arrive undecorated and labels will be shipped to you separately.

How long will it take to receive my labels?

After submitting your order your labels should arrive within 7-10 business days.

I already have my container, how do I pick a label size and shape?

Refer to our shape and size template to find label sizes that will fit your container.

I love my labels! How do I reorder?

Please log into your account. On the left navigation menu, please find My Products and click Previously Purchased. You can then review your labels and click Reorder. Please contact our friendly Customer Care Advocates at 800.363.9822 should you have questions.

How do I apply my labels to the container?

You can manually apply our sheet labels with an easy two step process. Simply peel the labels off and stick them to your container. You don’t have to be perfect on your first try, our high-quality vinyl labels are easy to remove and reapply to get the placement just right. Roll labels must be applied with a labeling machine.

What roll/core sizes are available?

  • 3” standard core
  • Additional options available upon special request.

What is the "unwind direction"?

  • Unwind direction (or wind direction) refers to the orientation of the labels as they come off of the roll.
  • The label industry has developed standard descriptions for the various unwind directions to avoid any confusion when applying labels by machine to ensure the product and labels are properly aligned.
  • If labels are applied by hand, the wind directions can be disregarded.

How do the rolls unwind?

  • There are 8 different unwind directions, - 8 different ways we can ‘wind’ the labels onto the rolls. Refer to the industry standard rewind directions.
    • Unwind direction number 3 is most commonly used, our rolls will be set with option 2 or 3 as the default.
  • We can print and unwind/rewind in any direction via special request.

How many colors can I print?

  • Our 4-color digital process prints in fine detail and can print in all colors.

Will my dispenser work with these roll labels?

  • Test all labels with your machine before going into production.
  • We have removed the matrix (the outer part around the label) to make it easier for label machines and dispensers to grab the label off the roll to apply.