Made from durable aluminum and steel, cone top cans give a controlled fluid pour, like that from a bottle. Cone top cans have a variety of cap designs leading to a diverse way consumers interact with a product.

Why Use Cone Top Cans?

Offering smooth dispensing of lubricants, dyes, hazardous chemicals, cleaners, and solvents, steel cone cans are appropriate for use in the construction, and automotive industries. Cost-effective, and some with REL fittings and caps, cone top cans empty completely, leaving no product waste. Steel cone cans with wide bottle-shaped mouths allow for fast filling and the attachment of caps with daubers or brushes when required. HDPE plastic manufactured child-resistant caps and tamper-evident seals and caps are conveniently available for cone top cans, making them suitable for home as well as industrial environments. Cone cans with caps may come in tin-plated durable steel, are available lined and unlined, and have 8- to 32-ounce capacities, making this packaging a valid choice for a variety of products.

Wholesale Orders and Warehousing Cone Cans

Purchasing wholesale industrial cans is a cost-effective measure because the unit price decreases as the number of units ordered increases. Cone top cans are strong and durable, making cone can bulk orders a viable option as they are stackable, optimizing the transport and warehousing space available. Canned goods are widely known to have a long shelf life, and cone cans with caps included are capable of withstanding temperature changes, bumps, and knocks without breaking or risking contamination.

Global Sourcing Across Industries and Markets

Berlin Packaging handles all customers' sourcing needs. From high-quality, on-time deliveries from world-wide warehouses to designing and engineering in one of 900 plus manufacturing platforms across the globe, Berlin Packaging offers customers cost-free sourcing when they need it.

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