Consider muslin, velvet, and canvas bags as a good way to market your brand while packaging a variety of items. Contain small items such as jewelry and coins in velvet drawstring bags to add a touch of class. Pack dried foods, cards, or gifts into muslin bags that also close with a drawstring. Canvas bags in light and heavy weights make great beach, shopping, or tote bags.

Benefits of Using Canvas Bags

Canvas is a natural, hypo-allergenic material that is made of cotton. As the material is typically economical to produce, bags made from canvas are usually an affordable packaging option. They are durable, with a good strength-to-weight ratio that prevents tearing. Canvas bags are an environmentally friendly option, as they come from a renewable resource, and have a low environmental impact. They can also be reused, and are washable.

Muslin Bags Are a Natural Choice

Like canvas, muslin comes from cotton, but the end product has a smoother feel to it, and can be even lighter in weight. Muslin is a sustainable, recyclable material that is made from organic resources, meaning that it doesn't contain chemicals. Originating from natural materials and having breathable qualities make bags made from muslin a common choice when packaging food products such as vegetables and grains.

What Bag Options Are Available?

Choose from muslin drawstring bags with a cinch opening to prevent contents from falling out. Options are available in natural or white colors for a classic look, or lined with red stitching or yellow drawstrings that make your packaging stand out from others. Drawstring bags are also available in sleek velvet, a good option for packaging smaller gifts like trinkets or candy tins. Reusable canvas tote bags usually come with built-in, sturdy handles that make them easy to carry. Great for the market, they can handle heavier items like wine bottles or food jars. Add brand designs, logos, and colorful graphics directly to totes to showcase your company.

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