The market for cannabis concentrate is booming – as is the need for innovative cannabis dispensary packaging options. Find a wide variety of glass and plastic concentrate containers for cannabis concentrate and extracts in-stock and ready to ship at Berlin Packaging.

What Types of Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Are Available?

Whether you're looking to package shatter, wax, hash, rosin, oil, or dabs – we offer pharmaceutical grade marijuana concentrate containers. The fragile nature of cannabis concentrates makes high quality packaging critical to preserving the integrity of the product housed inside. The right extract container or cannabis concentrate jar will protect products from harmful elements such as air, moisture, and odor. Looking to package cannabis syrups and tinctures? We have CPSC-capable tincture bottles available in case pack quantities.

What Makes a Good Cannabis Dispensary Jar?

A high quality glass concentrate container will protect product from odor and light transmission – due to the natural impermeable nature of glass. A Matte Black Straight Sided Glass Cannabis Jar is an excellent solution to prevent UV light from degrading the product. Silicone lined plastic containers make it easy to remove the product inside. Combine cannabis concentrate packaging with child-resistant capable exit bags to complete the kit.

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