Berlin Packaging acquired California Capsules March 2018

California Capsules now operates under the Berlin Packaging name. Customers can be assured that the team you worked with is thriving and continues to operate out of our Paso Robles location.

The knowledgeable service and competitive prices from California Capsules are still intact, now combined with everything else Berlin Packaging has to offer. Berlin is the only Hybrid Packaging Supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures. We supply billions of items annually along with package design, financing, consulting, warehousing, and logistics services for customers across all industries. Berlin Packaging brings together the best of manufacturing, distribution, and income-generating service providers.

We have deep expertise in the wine and spirits markets. Our aim is to thrill you with our unique mission and our packaging products and services.

See below for more information about this transaction and who we are.

California Capsules is alive and well as part of Berlin Packaging.

For customers of California Capsules, you can reach your Packaging Consultant and Customer Service team at 1.805.250.1122.

Berlin Packaging has 100+ sales and warehouse locations worldwide.

Learn more about our passion and expertise helping wineries and vineyards succeed.

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To learn more about Berlin Packaging, you can call 1.800.2.BERLIN or browse our website.