Bottle funnels come with many different capacities and are usually made from steel, aluminum, or plastic. They make filling bottles easy as they prevent contents from spilling over the sides during packaging. This reduces product waste and unnecessary costs. Bottle funnels can be found in a variety of colors such as red, green, or white and can be used when packaging liquids, powders, grains, or other products.

Types of Plastic Bottle Funnels

One of the most practical bottling tools, plastic funnels are lightweight and shatter-resistant, so they won't easily break. They and other filling equipment increase filling speed and productivity. Some plastic funnels include a filter screen to prevent contamination when bottling liquids. Other plastic funnels can be folded in half and secured to save storage space when not in use. Funnels that can clip onto bottles provide extra protection against spillage, while bottle funnel caps prevent dirt and contaminants from getting into funnels while they're not being used. Large funnels can be fitted to 55-gallon drums and are built with a scalloped design so that liquids flow toward the drum opening.

Types of Metal Bottle Funnels

Both large and small bottle funnels come in corrosion-resistant aluminum or stainless or galvanized steel. Some of them come with rings fitted to their sides so they can be hung during storage. Others have capacity markings, so you know exactly when to stop filling. Canning funnels have a wider mouth to allow food to pass through, and many contain handles that allow for easy gripping and increased stability.

What Additional Services Are Provided?

Berlin Packaging provides many additional services to customers such as supply chain management and financing options. They also offer warehousing to reduce your inventory-related expenses. Not only will they house your packaging supplies, but they'll also maintain inventory levels and track deliveries.

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