Aluminum, steel, and HDPE brush cap cans are a convenient industrial packaging solution. Utilize easy-to-use brush cap cans for solvents and oil, paints, medicines, cosmetics, and dental ingredients.

What Options of Brush Cap Cans Are There?

The range of brush cap cans come in small 4-ounce sizes for cosmetics or ointments up to 32-ounce cans and larger for storing oil or adhesives. With Berlin Packaging's wide range of metal or heavy-duty HDPE plastic cans available for different products and environments, finding the right can is easy. Durable, unlined steel brush top cans are suitable for lubricants in various conditions such as garages or for military purposes. A high-quality HDPE brush cap can is ideal for pharmaceutical laboratories or cosmetic salons because it's lightweight and easy to handle. Choose steel flat top cans for easy filling or cone tops for ease of pouring.

Is There a Choice of Caps?

Caps for industrial cans fit a number of needs, from brush caps where the lid screws on and off for easy use to manufactured child-resistant caps for a domestic product and brush flat top cans for easy storage. When choosing, be sure to match brush top cans with the relevant caps.

More Benefits Of Brush Top Cans

Durable brush top cans have a long shelf life. With a handy brush or dauber either soldered on to the cap or molded in, they make the work environment less crowded and save time as the applicator is inside the packaging, ready to use. Bristle brushes made from horse hair and absorbent synthetic daubers in brush cap cans are tough and reliable. 

Product Quality With On-Site Testing

Berlin Packaging have an on-site quality testing laboratory. Tests such as artificial accelerated aging, ISTA drop testing, and leak testing are some of the rigorous quality tests a product undergoes. This helps provide consistently high-end packaging for customers.

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