Blue Bottles

Consider the packaging qualities of glass and plastic, and a huge variety of shapes and sizes, then color them blue. The result is beautiful blue bottles that protect and enhance your product. Blue glass bottles are popular for storing medications because they filter UV radiation, a quality that can keep the chemical composition of products intact. Blue plastic bottles are rugged, shatter resistant, and versatile, making them practical and effective containers.

Uses for Blue Bottles

Due to the UV absorption qualities and lack of chemical leaching, blue glass bottles are good for storing alcoholic beverages like wine and liquor. Water bottlers often use them because they preserve the taste of their product. Alternatively, blue plastic bottles are often used for pharmaceuticals because they not only protect the product they contain, but also offer labeling and marketing options in a pleasing package.

Cost Benefits of Using Blue Bottles

One of the biggest benefits of using blue glass bottles is that they maintain durability, even after several rounds of recycling. Companies that buy blue bottles wholesale are helping reduce their environmental footprint because glass is energy efficient to produce, and the break in production cost is often passed down to the wholesale buyer. Blue plastic bottles offer lightweight and durable packaging that reduces shipping and breakage costs. No matter which material you choose, our recyclable blue bottles offer sustainable solutions.

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