Black plastic jars are typically oil- and grease-resistant, so they work well for packaging medical creams or body lotions. Choosing double-wall plastic jars in black also helps protect contents from UV light. With the right closures, plastic jars offer moisture and air resistance, making them a smart choice for powders that may cake.

Black Plastic Jars for Cosmetics

One popular use for black plastic jars is as cosmetics packaging. Eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss display beautifully in black slimline jars with window caps that let consumers view your product. Round plastic jars keep powdered cosmetics such as mineral foundation from clumping due to moisture when paired with air-tight continuous thread closures. Black plastic jars with caps also help protect the consistency and color of body creams or lotions. This is because black jars don't absorb UV light that can cause discoloration.

Double-Wall Plastic Jars Are Versatile

Double-wall plastic jars are used for packaging spices and teas to preserve aroma and taste, and the black color prevents exposure to light. Using colored plastic jars for petroleum jelly, ointments, salves, or other mineral-oil-based products helps them maintain their chemical composition. Black plastic jars are also used for storing mechanical greases and lubricants. Aside from the practical benefits that black plastic jars offer, they also provide a unique opportunity for clean, sharp label design in a variety of colors. The smooth surface of plastic works well with both vinyl shrink-wrap and peel-and-stick labels.

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