Use black jars to package a range of products efficiently and aesthetically. While also effective when left unlabeled, the striking color offers a solid background for labeling or decorating the final product. Berlin Packaging carries a range of plastic black jars made from polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS), as well as black (violet) glass jars.

Uses for Black Glass Jars

Black (violet) glass offers an aesthetically pleasing package while protecting contents from the ageing effects and decomposition caused by UV light. This makes them suitable for holding products that may lose effectiveness or potency when exposed to light, such as cosmetics, food, and cannabis. For products that don’t need protection from light, but glass is still preferred, also consider other types of glass jars.

Are Black Jars Suitable for Chemical Applications?

Along with other uses, black jars that are made from polypropylene are generally suitable for holding products that contain chemicals. PP is a tough but lightweight material that is resistant to chemicals, and also helps preserve moisture. It is well suited to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and laboratory applications. 

Can Black Jars be Used to Store Products Around Children?

Some of Berlin Packaging’s plastic black jars offer a child-resistant cap, making them suitable for uses such as storing cannabis. For products where child safety is an important consideration, also consider other child-resistant jars.

Are Plastic Black Jars Durable?

PP and PS are hard plastics that make for durable products. Double wall plastic jars offer increased strength, as well as a sleek aesthetic, and some plastic jars also feature a thick wall to help prevent damage to the product.

Along with wholesale black jars, Berlin Packaging provides design services through the Studio One Eleven design division. Get help with businesses design brands and products without the big cost that's usually associated with design.

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