Black plastic bottles are a popular bottling option for everything from shampoo and conditioner to automotive maintenance supplies. Black HDPE (High-density polyethylene) bottles are stronger than standard polyethylene, and their opaque color helps filter out light to keep the content's chemical composition unchanged. Packaging companies can create black plastic bottles using the remains of multiple colors of plastics, so they are an efficient and recyclable use of otherwise discarded material.

Benefits of Using Black Bottles

Black plastic bottles are created by molding polyester fibers with plastic to create a lightweight and impact-resistant end-product. Using black HDPE plastic bottles is economical due to the decreased amount of plastic needed to make them, and many bottles are safe for packaging foods and beverages. Black plastic bottles also provide an effective backdrop to colorful and eye-catching labels. With advancements in recycling sorting technology and alternative black dyes, some black plastic is now easy to recycle, allowing companies to reduce their environmental footprint. 

Black Plastic Bottles for Packaging Motor Fluids

Black HDPE bottles offer a barrier against UV light that can potentially harm contents. HDPE plastic is moisture and oxygen-resistant, and works well for packaging oils, lubricants, and dry lawn products. Using black plastic bottles with EZ pour necks is common practice for packaging automotive fluids, and certain models provide graduated markings to identify the amount of product used. Black bottles are sturdy, stock efficiently on shelves, and ship economically due to their light weight. Automotive fluid bottling companies may purchase black plastic bottles wholesale to reduce costs, while providing the same convenient and user-friendly EZ pour packaging to consumers.

Streamline Supply Chain Management

Our procurement team can help your company track inventory and manage several vendors consecutively, so you can concentrate on creating a quality product. Berlin Packaging Services can get your supply chain management back on track, whether you're a globally recognized or family owned company.

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