Black bottles offer a variety of qualities that make them suitable for industrial uses as well as household applications. Berlin Packaging stocks plastic and glass black bottles, both of which provide a distinctive packaging option.

The Benefits of Black Glass Bottles 

While they appear black, many black glass bottles are actually made from violet glass. Violet glass blocks all light, aside from violet, UV, and IR, meaning its contents are protected from the aging effects of visible light but are also able to benefit from the positive effects of the violet, UV, and IR light. Using black glass bottles can increase the shelf life of products such as cosmetics, medicine, and homeopathic liquids — all while offering an aesthetically attractive package. For a different aesthetic, other colored glass such as amber bottles can be used while still helping to protect the product from light damage.

What Are Black Plastic Bottles Suitable for?

Black plastic bottles are lightweight and robust, making them relatively inexpensive to transport and easy to handle. They're widely used in industrial applications like motor oil, as they don't easily become discolored. Black PET bottles offer a gloss finish, a good choice for products where the packaging style is important such as cosmetics and household liquids, or use matte black bottles in LDPE or HDPE plastic for industrial products.

Recyclability of Black Bottles

Black bottles are recyclable, offering a suitable packaging option for businesses maintaining an eco-friendly component to their product. The bottles can be refilled several times and ultimately can be broken down to base materials again.

Berlin Packaging can provide information regarding the product properties of the many types of black bottles available, and we also offer a variety of services to complement our packaging products, including warehousing and inventory to create a more efficient supply chain.

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