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Berlin Packaging + Great Central Brewing: Streamlining Beer Operations to Be as Lean as Six-Pack Abs

The craft beer industry has never been more competitive. Launching a new brewery in this crowded market is difficult, as is expanding rapidly when a brand takes off. Both scenarios require a lot of time and money, plus marketing and sales staff, which entrepreneurs have in precious short supply in their early-goings.

Berlin Packaging provides innovative, high-quality, results-oriented packaging solutions to customers of all types across all industries. We bring packaging visions to life with our huge offering of stock products and turnkey custom design and engineering capabilities. And more – our mission is to grow our customers’ bottom lines.

Just like we did for Great Central Brewing Company, a craft brewer and contract filler who uses Berlin Packaging’s inventory management program to keep their cash focused on building their business, not tied up in inventory. And our suggestion to switch from sleeve labels to pre-printed cans also boosted Great Central’s profits.

Berlin Packaging partners with you to take inventory off your balance sheet and inventory-related expenses off your income statement through our complete warehousing and inventory management programs. We are in the inventory business so you don’t have to be.

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