Amber plastic jars with lids are used to package medications, cosmetics, and bath and body products like pumice scrubs or body butter. Amber jars have UV and blue light filtering properties that help preserve the chemical makeup of products. General purpose amber plastic packaging can store liquids, powders and pills, which makes it useful for pharmaceuticals.

Benefits of Amber Plastic Jars

Amber plastic jars help decrease the chances of chemical reaction caused by light interaction with medications. Blue light filtering is an added benefit to amber jars; other colored plastic jars are only able to filter ultraviolet rays. Blue light can cause a photo chemical reaction if it comes in contact with products. Amber colored plastic jars are also durable and shatter-resistant. Paired with child-resistant closures, they can also help prevent young children from accidental ingestion of potentially harmful chemicals or medications. Non-caustic laboratory materials and other light-sensitive compounds stay effective longer when packaged in amber jars with airtight lids.

Uses for Amber Colored Plastic Jars

Amber colored plastic jars come in semi-transparent options, commonly used for packaging pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as some beverages. Because they are lightweight, and because they are durable and shatter-resistant, amber plastic jars with lids are also less expensive to ship. Amber plastic is also accepted at almost all recycling facilities, so these jars are generally environmentally friendly, making them a good choice for Earth-conscious consumers. Light-sensitive medications do well in amber plastic jars, because the potency and efficacy is protected from change thanks to the UV-filtering capabilities of the plastic, and the package is light and resistant to breakage, so shipping is easy and low-cost.

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