Amber plastic bottles are an integral part of the pharmaceutical and beauty industries. They're suitable for a variety of products, whether in liquid, solid, or tablet form, and the bottles are lightweight and shatterproof.

Benefits of Amber PET Bottles

Amber PET bottles are versatile for a multitude of uses. Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, lends itself to many shapes and configurations, and the necks and bodies of bottles mold easily into user-friendly, product-compatible shapes. This is an advantage when a brand chooses a particular shape bottle, such as an amber plastic spray bottle, as representative of the product. For instance, the shape of Coca-Cola bottles are unmistakable, and have been part of their branding for many years. Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven team works with you on structural package design for your amber plastic bottles.

PET provides a good moisture and gas barrier to help keep contents uncontaminated. The lightweight construction has a double benefit for your company and your consumers. When you purchase amber plastic bottles wholesale in bulk, containers can be safely loaded with large volumes, and yet remain cost-effective to ship. Your consumers appreciate the durable, shatterproof construction of plastic bottles for everyday commuting and travel.

What Is So Good About the Color Amber?

Amber plastic bottles are effective for reducing the effects of UV rays and blue light on contents that are light-sensitive. Known as photo-oxidation, this process causes the breakdown of molecules, which may cause your product to deteriorate.

Use Berlin Packaging for Your Packaging Needs

Studio One Eleven, the design division of Berlin Packaging, offers a no-cost full branding service in exchange for supply agreements. This service covers brand strategy, structural package and closure design, and visual branding and packaging graphics.

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