750 ml Antique Green Glass Burgundy Wine Bottles, Cork Finish

Item #: vBP603392

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  • Features Gently Sloping Shoulders and Push-up Base
  • Cork Neck Finish
  • Corks and Shrink Capsules Sold Separately

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About This Product

750 ml Antique Green Glass Burgundy Wine Bottle

Burgundy (Bourgogne) wine bottles feature gently sloping shoulders and a wider more stable body than most other wine bottle styles. The classic antique green color provides UV resistance to prevent oxidation and increase storage life of wine. This 580 gram bottle features a 28mm push-up. The push-up allows sediments to fall to the lowest point of the bottle, separating them from the wine.

Cork Neck Finish

Classic wine bottles with a cork finish are designed specifically to accommodate tapered corks. Cork finish bottles can be paired with natural or synthetic tapered corks. Once corked, finish your bottle with a shrink capsule for additional tamper-evidence and unique branding opportunities. Corks and shrink capsules sold separately.


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