500 ml Clear PET Plastic Flasks (White Tamper-Evident Cap) - 3619B15

Item #: 3619B15

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  • 500 ml Clear PET Plastic Flasks
  • Includes a White Tamper-Evident Cap
  • Lightweight, shatter-resistant PET plastic

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About This Product

Our traditional bottle design 500ml Clear Plastic Flasks (PET) are perfect for nontraditional uses such as vanilla extract, nutmeg, mint oil, mouthwash and many other liquids. Flasks are provided with a white, tamper-evident polypropylene cap.

Flasks (aka Canteen Bottles, Hip Flasks, Flaskets, Canteen Bottles, and Crocket Bottles) will be forever linked with alcohol (aka firewater) being the perfect container for portable quantities of liquor, alcohol, firewater, moonshine, vodka, whiskey, spirits, liqueur, and booze. Recently, however, customers have been storing barbeque (BBQ) sauce, marinades, olive oils, balsamic vinaigrette, and maple syrups in them too. They're compact, practical, have loads of character and storage flexibility - making applications endless.

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