32 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Beverage Containers (Orange Ratchet Cap) - 3753B11

Item #: 3753B11

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  • 32 oz Natural HDPE Plastic Beverage Containers
  • Includes Orange Tamper-Evident Ratchet Cap with Foam Liner
  • FDA Compliant, Molded in the USA, BPA Free*

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About This Product

32 oz Natural HDPE Beverage Container with Orange Ratchet Caps

Whether you are storing water, juice or milk, this bottle with handle is highly versatile and always up to the task. This quart sized container is Dairy Association Approved, making it an excellent option for bottling milk.

Caps Included

Orange HDPE Plastic Tamper-Evident Ratchet Caps with Citric Acid Resistant Foam Liners provide an economical and tamper-evident solution for your container. Primarily used with beverage containers such as milk and juice traditionally seen in your local grocery stores, Tamper-Evident Caps allow you to easily and quickly detect compromised product and increase consumer confidence in the process.

This is an oversize item for parcel shipping,  Not eligible for free shipping promotions or parcel shipping options.  To order quantities less than a case please call customer care at 800-363-9822 for shipping quote.

*Bisphenol A is a chemical sometimes used in the manufacture of certain plastics. Bisphenol A was not used in the manufacture of this item.

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