Bruni Glass Announces 2019 Design Award Winners

Elenie - Bruni Galss Award Winner


The 15th edition of the Bruni Glass Design Award, an international design competition focused on glass packaging, honored innovative glass designs based on the criteria of “idea” and “producibility” for the categories of Spirits, Wine, Gourmet and Home Fragrances, reports an article in Packaging Europe magazine.

The competition was established in 1997 by Bruni Glass, a distributor of packaging in Europe, which is now part of the Berlin Packaging Group.

The contest lasted eight months and involved six European and international design schools: The Polytechnic University of Milan, the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Purdue University in the United States, IED in Madrid, IUT in Reims, France, and UCSF University in Argentina.

Here is a list of the winners.

Overall Winner (pictured above)

Elenie – Katharina Seizew (Münster School of Design)


Horus – Bruno Miskov (Universidad Catòlica de Santa Fe)


Monsieur – Alessandro Tonini (Polytechnic University of Milan)


Elenie – Katharina Seizew (Münster School of Design)

Home Fragrances

Snake – Bruno Miskov (Universidad Catòlica de Santa Fe)

Best Graphic Design

Sparrow – Francesca Inzani (Polytechnic University of Milan)

The Bruni Glass Awards are entirely financed by Bruni Glass and run by the Bruni Berlin holding company. The prize consists of basic remuneration for the project and the possibility that the designer’s work will be marketed, with 10 years of royalties.

CEO of Bruni Glass, Paolo Recrosio, commented: “The Bruni Glass Design Award has become a kind of institution that we are proud of because it fully represents our founding values: innovation, talent, and creativity. The young designers competing this year–who we must remember are still students–impressed us with their creations, which are extremely original, yet functional and marketable at the same time.”

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