10 gal Steel UN Rated Salvage Drums (Lever Lock Ring Lid) - 1411

Item #: 1411

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  • 10 gal Steel UN Rated Salvage Drums
  • Includes Disc Lid and Lever Lock Ring
  • UN Markings Liquid: UN1A2/Y1.5/150; UN Markings Solid: UN1A2/X120/S

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About This Product
10 Gallon Open Head Steel Salvage Drums with Lever Lock Ring Lids

Quick-Lever Drums feature an innovative UN qualified lever lock drum ring that eliminates the need for closing tools and takes the guesswork out of complying with technical closure instructions. The quick-lever closure on Lever Drums secures easily, with no need to measure torque or ring gap. This drum is yellow with a red cover. Note: UN regulations require that absorbent materials be added to void area to eliminate any free liquid.

All drums are made to order. Processing typically takes between 7 -10 business days. Drums will ship after processing is complete. Drums and drum accessories are not returnable and are not eligible for parcel shipping.

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