Value Smart Products Reveals New Scent Boosters


Scent Boosters

Consumers love the scent of in-wash scent boosters. So much so, in fact, it’s causing problems at retail, a challenge solved with this clever package refresh.

Many shoppers open scent booster packaging in the store to test the scent before they buy. The packages are left open and oftentimes rendered unsellable. To solve this thorny problem for Value Smart Products, a maker of private-label consumer packaged goods, Berlin Packaging and its Studio One Eleven® design team rethought the existing stock packaging in order to bring a novel solution to the category.

Studio One Eleven designers proposed replacing the stock flip-top overcap with a PET dosage cup that incorporates an orifice to allow the scent to be dispersed outside of the bottle. The packaging allows shoppers to effectively test the fragrance with a gentle squeeze before buying, without breaking open the package. While allowing aroma to escape, the system prevents moisture from entering and spoiling the product.

Other improvements were gained as well. By replacing the flip-top assembly with a smaller overcap, consumers are able to more easily pour and measure the booster. The removable cap also gives users greater convenience when pouring into high efficiency front-loading washing machines.

Value Smart’s new closure for its scent booster product is a one-size solution for two different canister sizes. The custom closure differentiates the product from the competing national brand and is intended to support multiple price brackets at retail.