The Stock Market

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

Stock Packaging

I make my livelihood designing custom packaging, so it may seem strange to point out the benefit of using stock bottles. I know a lot of the reasons why these stock packs are chosen, mainly, low prices and short turn-around times. Companies both large and small use stock packaging; it makes a lot of sense. And while it may seem like a “cop-out”, using a stock bottle could speak volumes about your brand, and not always in a bad way.

Say you are a small company who started local. Your brand’s core values are quality and sustainability, and by using a familiar stock jar for your honey, it is communicating to your customers that you are more concerned with the quality of your product than you are with a flashy package. When somebody picks up your honey at the store, they won’t stop to wonder how much they are really paying for the product vs. the package. By choosing the stock package, you have actually reinforced your brand’s core value of quality.

Also important to your local company is sustainability, and although it seems like just another buzz word, it is becoming rooted in the buying standards of consumers. Choosing a stock package for your product can be a good way to exhibit your commitment to a low overall footprint, utilizing systems and bottles that already exist and are built for efficiency. This doesn’t mean that they have to be plain-Jane or ugly, either; they will still be dressed up with strong graphics and backed up by your quality product, right?

Eye-catching graphics are a key component to communicating your brand to consumers. Compelling graphics can be applied to stock bottles just as effectively as they can be to custom packages, and sometimes even better. The simplicity of stock options can help focus attention on the branding and important product information, enticing the consumer to learn more and potentially become a first-time buyer. If it fits your brand, using a stock bottle can save you money that could be allocated elsewhere, supporting nice finishes and quality labeling. All in all, an understated stock package can be a great ally to good graphics and branding.

The benefits of using stock packaging can extend beyond time and price effectiveness when properly executed. Stock products do not align with every company’s core principles, but certain brands identify themselves with values that stock packaging can fit like a glove. Surrounded by flashy new custom bottles, it’s easy to get caught trying to “keep up with the Jones’s”, but next time that temptation arises, stop to think if maybe a stock package is the perfect way to differentiate your brand from Mr. Jones.