Nothing gives the feel of home-made ingredients more than sturdy swing top bottles. There is something pleasing about the shape, thickness, and transparency of glass. Combine the tough wire around the top and the stopper to seal the bottle, and there's an aesthetic that draws the eye. But there is more to glass swing cap bottles than aesthetics.

What Are The Benefits of Swing Top Bottles?

Specially designed to hold carbonated beverages, swing top glass bottles are very strong. The shape and thickness of the glass adds to the effectiveness of these bottles to withstand bumps and knocks extremely well. When considering the upside of glass bottles, note they are made from a fully recyclable and reusable material. They will never lose their integrity, and are environmentally friendly. Glass is inert, meaning the aroma and taste of the contents are not absorbed, so contents are preserved exactly as the manufacturer produced it. Green, amber, and blue bottles are available, making them suitable for wines and beer. Choose glass bale wire Tennessee Spirits bottles for a shape that is immediately recognizable among other bottles.

What's Unique About Swing Stoppers?

While many types of beverage bottles are available, the caps on swing stopper bottles are unique because they are reusable, unlike bottle caps, which have a one time use. The rubber seals in the tops are high-quality, giving a complete and full closure to stop leakage, and prevent contamination. Unlike other bottles, the swing caps are removable, and easily and cheaply replaced, making the recycling and refilling of swing cap bottles cost-effective.

Industries Already Using Swing Cap Bottles

Swing stopper bottles are initially thought of as beer bottles, particularly growlers, but their unique look has an advantage on the shelves, from cooking oils to tea to syrups. The health and beauty industries use them as cosmetic bottles for bath oils. Consider the unique versatility of swing top glass bottles as a package of choice.

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