Berlin Packaging offers a variety of safety supplies and other goods among its surplus products. Choose from high quality, practical items that can be purchased at an affordable price. Continue to check back to see the latest wholesale safety supplies and surplus products available.

What Types of Safety Products Are Available?

There are many types of items to choose from in Berlin Packaging's surplus deals. Safety supplies include protective goggles or glasses. Along with other useful safety products that protect employees at work, foam bullet earplugs provide protection from loud noises, or constant repetitive noise like machinery or construction equipment in operation. The earplug's bullet shape makes it easy to insert. Earplugs can be made from pliable foam that provides comfort while it seals off sound without creating pressure. Silicone plugs are washable, increasing their product lifespan.

Why Wear Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses are one of the most important types of personal protective gear available. The American Optometric Association claims that eye injuries are commonly sustained due to not wearing the correct form of eye protection. Clear safety glasses ensure peripheral visibility while providing a shield against projected debris, chemical splashing, heat radiation, lasers, pathogens, and other dangerous substances. Safety glasses can usually be worn like regular prescription glasses, with side arms that are simply slid over the ears, or folded together when not in use. They can feature distortion-free lenses that offer a clear view, and which are made from polycarbonate, a stable plastic that offers glare reduction, UV filtration, and impact-resistance.

Benefits of Using Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Anti-fog safety goggles come with built-in adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable and snug fit, and prevent them from falling off during hazardous situations. They include perforated side shields that allow ventilation to limit fog build-up, ensuring continued visibility. Many safety goggles can easily be worn over prescription glasses, making them a versatile and necessary protection.

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