Lotion tubes are used for packaging several types of beauty and hygiene products. The entire surface can hold labeling, so you can include your branding on one side and product information on the other. Some plastic lotion tubes also help keep products stable longer to extended shelf-life.

Packaging in Lotion Tubes

Plastic lotion tubes can be produced quickly, fill easily, and are recyclable, which makes them a sustainable and responsible packaging choice. They are also convenient for consumers, and more affordable for manufacturers. Most bulk lotion tubes are also versatile and stack well for shipping. Some tottle sunscreen tubes even have convenient hang tabs for attachment to cords, bags, or shower hooks. Like many styles of plastic health and beauty tubes, these are commonly used to package cosmetics, makeup, and hygiene products, including lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste, and more.

Choosing Wholesale Lotion Tubes

Sunscreen tubes allow for convenient one-handed application and are compact enough to fit in purses and backpacks. When choosing empty sunscreen tubes for products, consider two factors: the size and shape of the tube you'll need, and the viscosity of your product. For instance, sunscreen tubes stand up better against skincare products that tend to be greasy. Sunscreen and lotion tubes can sport several lid options, from standard flip-top and screw-on to child-resistant capable caps for medicated lotions.

Benefits of Plastic Lotion Tubes

One of the primary benefits of empty lotion tubes as a packaging option is their convenient design. For packaging to attract consumers, it must offer convenience, along with a well-thought-out design and label. Lotion tubes come in a variety of sizes and shapes and offer a 360-degree surface for branding. Using containers like lotion tubes provides consumers with a portable, squeezable way to use your product. The ability to squeeze out all the product from a lotion tube also makes them economical for your customer.

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