Square jars offer an aesthetically interesting and space-saving option for housing a variety of products. Berlin Packaging stocks a range plastic and glass square jars in an array of sizes and with different closure options.

Are Square Jars Suitable for Storing Food?

Many of Berlin Packaging’s square jars are FDA approved and suitable for storing and presenting food products. They add a professional look to food items and, as most are clear, allow customers to see the quality of the product inside. In cases where jars don’t need to be clear, also consider jars of other colors.

Square Jars Offer a Space-Saving Solution

The shape of square jars means they stack efficiently, so there is less unused shelf space in supermarkets or commercial kitchens. This makes them a suitable choice for use where space is limited, such as on smaller shelves.

Are Plastic or Glass Square Jars Better?

Both materials have different qualities that make them suited to a variety of uses. Glass is chemically inert and offers a barrier between the jar’s contents and the air around it. Therefore, food can be stored in glass jars with less risk of contamination. Glass square jars with a bale wire closure make for an air-tight seal, meaning food stays fresher for longer. Glass is also infinitely recyclable, so is a suitable choice for markets where customers consider environmental issues when making purchases. Plastic is also typically recyclable, as well as being lightweight and durable. This means that plastic jars are suited to uses where they need to be moved around or transported often, such as in personal care, pharmaceutical, and food applications.

Warehousing and Inventory

As well as supplying square jars wholesale, Berlin Packaging offers complementary warehousing and inventory services to their customers. The cost of housing and managing your business’s inventory can add up, but with this service you can avoid much of the necessary capital investment.

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