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Image MD Skin Care: Creating Eye-Popping Appeal for a Skin Care Line

A premium skincare line rooted in science, associated with a board-certified plastic surgeon and used in over 52 countries, IMAGE Skincare turned to Studio One Eleven to develop packaging and branding that is distinctly different from the standard offerings.

For the IMAGE Skincare MD line, Dr. Marc Ronert, the company’s clinical director, wanted to re-brand his professional line to convey a more medical and premium aesthetic. To capture the importance of the scientific approach to the formulations, a beaker icon appears on the primary package. The secondary packaging carries a subtle spot varnish beaker icon which runs on two sides to add dynamics and interest.

The graphical emphasis on the MD appears across the entire line by adding an intentional blue background, as the color symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith and is considered beneficial to the mind and body with its calming effect.

The clean and centered communication with a clear typeface speaks to the precision and honesty of the line. In an industry complicated by unnecessary chemicals, IMAGE Skincare set out to create products powered by smart botanicals and high percentages of safe, proven active ingredients.

The MD product portfolio consists of white, blue and gray structures to add clean and medicinal vibrancy and help consumers browse the variety of SKUs. With premium dispensing mechanisms and thick-walled structures, the entire line inspires confidence.

Berlin Packaging provides innovative, high-quality, results-oriented packaging solutions to customers of all types across all industries. We bring packaging visions to life with our huge offering of stock products and turnkey custom design and engineering capabilities. And more – our mission is to grow our customers’ bottom lines.

Just like we did for IMAGE Skincare, a professional skin care line that wanted to convey a more clinical, but still premium, aesthetic in their packaging. Using the world-class branding skills of Berlin’s Studio One Eleven® and the expert advice of Berlin’s E3 consulting division, IMAGE Skincare’s promise now pops more than ever.

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