Store a variety of products such as cosmetics, liquids, or food in round jars that come in many different sizes and colors. Use small round jars for travel beauty products, or large jars with wide mouths for storing dry goods. These jars provide an aesthetically appealing packaging option that can be fitted with various practical closures, and customized with beautifully designed labels. Jars from Berlin® Packaging are made with a variety of high-quality materials such as plastic and glass.

Types of Round Jars

Due to their impermeable nature, round glass jars are a good option for storing products that need extra protection from outside elements. Glass is a durable material that retains its shape and strength without degradation, even when used for long periods. Glass jars don't form chemical reactions with their contents, so product freshness and quality are preserved. Round plastic jars have their own benefits, as plastic is cost-effective and lightweight, making it affordable to ship. It's also easy to stack plastic jars during transport or storage as they are shatter-resistant, which prevents them from being easily damaged. Both plastic and glass can be recycled. Jars come in many colors, so you can choose clear round jars which provide some product visibility, or shades of blue or amber to protect light-sensitive contents. 

What Closures Are Available?

Round jars can be fitted with various closures such as child-resistant continuous thread caps that provide extra protection. Disc and ring lids create a vacuum seal that shields contents from air exposure. Other options include pop-tops that are permanently connected to jars so that they never go missing or fall off, and window caps that offer product visibility to showcase contents.

Why Choose Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging covers many extra services including label design and warehousing. They also take care of supply chain management, which includes tracking deliveries, ensuring product quality, and overseeing inventory.

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