Luxury Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Luxury Packaging


As the cannabis industry moves mainstream with additional states legalizing marijuana, the packaging of these products is getting more chic and sophisticated, according to an article in Dieline.

What’s not to love about some divine, luxury cannabis packaging? There’s the floral and feminine Venna, the colorful yet minimal Seven Point, and the sultry and sophisticated Daddy Grey Beard. Whether or not you partake, you can’t deny how downright gorgeous this packaging is in an industry which offers heaps of growth and opportunity.

But while luxury cannabis packaging is a perfectly fine idea, it’s a little different in practice. Medical cannabis with a doctor’s note is legal in 29 states in the U.S. and recreational weed is permitted in 9 states (and Washington, D.C.), so you don’t have to look too far if you want some. But this means if consumers can find roughly the same quality product for less, they will.

“As more and more producers come onto the market, the price goes down,” explained Julie Saltzman, director of marketing for Berlin Packaging. “It’s becoming saturated, so you need to get distinction at ground level.”

Distinction. This is exactly what makes consumers choose one “roughly-the-same” item for another, making whatever you offer absolutely irresistible regardless of how similar the product or service might be. This results not only in sales from new clients but also some serious customer loyalty. So how can brands achieve a luxury distinction with marijuana? “What I’ve found is that, like anything, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Julie.

Berlin Packaging’s design for Sunday Goods, an Arizona-based brand, is a perfect example. While we’re seeing more cannabis designs (and luxury cannabis designs) regularly, this one is delightfully fresh. The key is Sunday Goods doesn’t merely sell cannabis—it sells the lifestyle of cannabis, one which is relaxed yet sophisticated.

Sunday Goods masters its aim for the luxe high life. Using a rich navy, crisp white, and splashes of gold, the color palette pairs with a traditional serif font. No trippy rainbows, no cartoons holding enormous blunts, no recognizable leaves scattered about. “Now, nothing can look too cannabis-branded,” added Julie. “You don’t want just a leaf on it. You don’t want something that screams ‘cannabis.’ It’s the aesthetic the industry is going for now.”

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