Package your beauty products in attractive plastic cosmetic jars that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These jars preserve their contents, keeping them fresh in long-lasting, protective packaging. Plastic cosmetic containers come with many customizable features and can be purchased in various quantities to fit your needs.

Why Store Cosmetics in Plastic Jars?

Plastic comes from hydrocarbons that are found in natural gas and oil. Polymers are then molded to create different types of plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), both of which are commonly used to make plastic cosmetic containers. PP is used because it provides a strong moisture and chemical barrier, while PET is a good choice for products that need an oxygen barrier. Acrylic cosmetic jars are another popular choice because of their aesthetic appeal. Acrylic is a durable option that looks very similar to glass. Two of the biggest advantages of using plastic jars are that they're cost-effective and lightweight, which makes them easy to ship and handle. They are recyclable, needing only a small amount of energy to be processed, and they are shatter-resistant, making them difficult to damage.

Customize Your Wholesale Plastic Cosmetics Jars

Besides being able to hold different capacities, jars come in varying shapes such as straight-sided, round, or square, which is nice for easy label application. Choose from jars with wide mouths that are easy to fill, or thick-wall plastic cosmetic jars that provide extra protection from damage. Color options include natural for product visibility or blue, green, or black to shield light-sensitive contents. We offer cosmetic jars with lids or separate plastic jars that can be fitted with many different closures such as window caps that show off contents, or bale wire lids that contain silicon seals for added protection.

What Benefits Are Included with Our Wholesale Plastic Cosmetic Jars?

Berlin Packaging offers many additional services, including label design and warehousing. We'll also provide supply chain management, which entails tracking deliveries, maintaining inventory, and ensuring product quality.

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