Bio-Based Plastics

Bio-Based Plastics

April 17, 2017


Wes D.

Are you part of the boom? We are referring to a recent surge of Bio-based plastics including products made from sugar cane. Interesting, but is the alternative worth considering for your business? Many will say yes including our friends at CurTec.

Polyethylene is versatile and found across many applications which is no surprise given it is the most commonly used type of plastic. Generally this material is captured from polymerization of ethene, also know as ethylene. With decreasing availability of natural resources these alternative types of plastic are quickly emerging. During an interview with Curtec, Marco Jansen, Commercial Direction for Renewable Chemicals, said "The most important reasons for choosing a bio alternative are a reduced carbon footprint, increasing pressure on CO2 emissions and depleted oil reserves."

In addition to a softening footprint an efficient product and process have been born easing controversy around this bio-based element. Bio-based processes will not effect our rain forests and the product being made from sugar cane can be recycled. As more and more companies discover possibilities of these products Berlin Packaging wants be there as your go-to supplier.

Are you using bio-based products? What types of bio-based products would like to see in the Berlin offering?