People Are the Heart of Berlin Packaging

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People Are the Heart of Berlin Packaging

The stuff that made you who you are when you were seven, eight, nine years old… Your integrity, your ambition, your energy, your creativity, your imagination, your desire to crush competition… That glint in your eye, the fire in your belly… However you describe it, those traits are traits you had when you were young… when you were a child. And you enhance those traits as you got older through your adventures and your experiences… From the love in your life, whether it be friends or family, and the person, the man, the woman that you became … we had to go find you. Because we can’t train any of those things. We can train you how to sell. We can train you about the Hybrid Packaging Supplier model and how to use the service divisions to grow the business. But we can’t train you to be that kind of person… that drives hard, works hard. We had to find you. And then we had to convince you to say yes. We liked you and continue to like you not just because of your skills, but because of your traits. In many cases when kindred spirits find themselves, they are drawn to each other.

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