Andler Packaging Group Is Now Berlin Packaging

Andler Packaging has joined forces with Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier. While our name has changed, our dedication to Customer Thrill has not. As part of Berlin Packaging, we can offer our customers more value than ever.

Experience In Every Market

This new partnership broadens our expertise and offerings across all markets, with additional exclusive items, stock solutions, and custom designs available to our customers. We understand the unique circumstances of every product category and have an extensive knowledge base and expertise in dangerous goods, temperature-controlled products, and laboratory packaging with our Dangerous Goods and Qorpak divisions.

Global Capabilities

Our customers have access to an extensive network of over 1,700 global manufacturing partners and over 50,000 packaging components. Our team searches the world for the best packaging and manages time differences, language barriers, quality expectations, compliance issues, production scheduling, customs clearance, logistics management, and more.

World-Class Design

Andler Packaging’s proprietary custom tools, printing and labeling technology, and design capabilities are now supercharged with Berlin Packaging’s award-winning Studio One Eleven innovation and design center. The Studio’s brand strategists, structural and industrial designers, graphic designers, and packaging engineers create custom solutions that help brands stand out from the competition, improve the user experience, and win at shelf.  

Sustainability Strategies

Today’s consumers care about the environment more than ever. Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have but a business imperative, and packaging can play a critical role in a company’s sustainability goals. Our customer-focused sustainability team provides customers with deep subject matter expertise and practical commercial experience. We build sustainability strategies that help our customers unpack their sustainability potential by providing market insights, lifecycle analyses, sustainability road mapping, custom and stock packaging solutions, communication strategies, and more.

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