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99% On-Time Delivery for 14 Years and Counting

Berlin Packaging, the leading full-service supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures, has achieved 99+% on-time delivery every month for 14 consecutive years. The company’s quantifiable commitment to operational excellence allows their customers to benefit from supply chain smoothness, improved cash flow, and increased bottom-line profitability.

Since June 2004, when Berlin Packaging began its 99+% on-time delivery streak, the company has achieved an on-time percentage of 99.7%, completing nearly 2.1 million shipments with on-time accuracy. This includes the last 12 months, where Berlin Packaging achieved 99.9% on-time delivery accuracy on more than 250,000 shipments covering 4.6 billion items shipped from its warehouses across North America. Compared to the packaging industry average of 85% on-time accuracy, Berlin Packaging’s performance stands as a testament to the company’s intense focus on this all-important metric.

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