Morton Salt Redesign Spotlights Sleek, Ergonomic Package

Morton Salt


A major packaging redesign for Morton Salt’s Coarse Kosher, Coarse Sea Salt, and Fine Sea Salt gives the brand a fresh, premium look to attract consumers and fuel the growth of specialty salts among home cooks, reports an article in Packaging World magazine.

Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven inhouse design agency revamped the iconic blue fiber-wound package that’s been a ubiquitous fixture in almost every American household for more than 70 years. Working hand-in-hand with the Morton product team, Studio One Eleven delivered a modern package that includes refreshed graphics for a bold, premium look that stays true to the Morton iconic brand colors. The idea was to stand out on grocery store shelves to break the routine of consumers shopping on auto-pilot and make them more conscious of the salts they were buying.

The redesign also emphasizes functionality, incorporating an ergonomic shape for one-handed use and a lid that opens with the flick of a finger. Additionally, the see-through window allows home cooks to tell how much remains in the bottle.

Studio One Eleven was also charged with making the package more sustainable for today’s eco-conscious consumer. Except for a removable shrink-wrap label, the bottle is 100% recyclable.

In April 2019, only a month after its launch, the National Association of Container Distributors awarded the new Morton bottle design with the prestigious Gold Innovation Award.