Measuring Scoops

Measuring scoops are not just convenient but, depending on the type of product, essential. The addition of a plastic scoop can make a product more appealing to customers because scoops make it easier to dispense precise amounts of liquid and powder. Scoops from products around the home, lab, or factory are not always permitted to contact multiple substances for safety reasons. A measuring scoop packaged with each product eliminates that concern. Materials used to make these scoops are FDA and USDA-approved.

Plastic Measuring Scoops Are Versatile

PP (polypropylene) is a durable, corrosion-resistant type of plastic. Our PP 1 oz. measuring cups are suitable for use with acid and other highly corrosive substances, as well as food, beverages, laundry detergent, and personal care products. PP is also recyclable, making it an attractive option for businesses and customers who are environmentally conscious.

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