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Obexion Max Demo – Lithium Ion Battery Packaging | Berlin Dangerous Goods

Ideal for shipping damaged, defective or recalled lithium ion batteries and/or equipment containing them, Obexion Max packaging mitigates risk via the use of the Obexion Technology Suite – flame retardance, thermal management, pressure management, blast and projectile containment, flame arrestment, flammable & hazardous gas filtration and smoke filtration - yet require no gel packs, beads, heavy liners, pellets, or fillers.

Obexion Max boxes arrive assembled with simple, easy to use closure instructions to help you effectively and efficiently transport the batteries while remaining compliant. Plus, Obexion Max boxes are 100% recyclable and non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Obexion Max packaging has been issued a US DOT Special Permit authorizing the packaging for transporting damaged, defective, or recalled phones, laptops, tablets, and batteries by ground. Single-use fiberboard options and multiple-use metal options are available.

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