Berlin Packaging offers lip balm tubes and lip gloss tubes at wholesale prices in a variety of application styles. Tubes come in many colors, and different colored press-on caps are available separately, so you can mix and match your colors to reflect your brand. Whether your product is a solid, waxy balm or a liquid gloss, you can choose the lip balm or lip gloss tubes in bulk that hold and display your product to its best advantage. Any style you select will have space for your custom label to wrap around the tube.

Lip Balm Tube Styles

Lip gloss tubes may include an applicator wand so that the liquid gloss can be applied to the lips without dripping. For an average lip balm tube, the cap is small and presses on the top, while a thin dial on the bottom of the tube raises the product inside for application. Lipstick tubes look more high-end, with a larger cap and a base that turns to raise the product up. Paperboard lip balm tubes offer a more environmentally friendly option for your eco-conscious consumers.

In addition to supplying your lip gloss tubes at wholesale prices, Berlin Packaging can help with your supply chain management. We can manage multiple vendors to ensure your packaging arrives on time, helping keep your costs effective without any interruption in deliveries. This allows you to keep the appropriate inventory on hand and helps your profits and expenses stay balanced.

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