Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bottles are optimal for those looking for a versatile, lightweight packaging option. While these bottles can store a wide variety of products, due to their pliability they are often used for goods that need to be easily dispensed or squeezed out. A smart choice for environmentally friendly companies, the bottles are 100 percent recyclable. These bottles also provide durable packaging, as they are impact-resistant due to their lower density and the nature of their molecules, which naturally branch out, resulting in stronger plastic.

Customize Your LDPE Wholesale Bottles

LDPE bottles allow for easy label application, making them a good option for businesses looking to promote their brand or needing to convey safety information to customers. Additionally, plastic bottles are available in a number of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the best fit for your product. For instance, the LDPE Boston round bottles are designed with a narrow neck that is compatible with many different tops. Closure options include tamper-evident screw caps to ensure packaging integrity and child-resistant continuous thread tops to improve safety.

What Can You Store in LDPE Squeeze Bottles?

Almost any solid or liquid product can be stored in LDPE bottles. Their compatibility with reagents makes them good containers for chemicals, and their flexibility leaves them a popular option for food and pharmaceutical products. A common choice is plastic beverage bottles because they're both shatter-resistant and waterproof.

What Services Are Included?

Berlin Packaging manages the entire supply chain, including monitoring the quality and delivery of your order. They'll cover the warehouse storage, ensure the product meets high standards, and even offer management consultations to help you save money. Their team is made of up financial and marketing experts who will work with you to define and implement effective business strategies.

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