Bulk Food Containers

From food jars to beverage bottles to plastic containers, Berlin offers FDA-approved bulk food containers, manufactured to keep food fresh, secure, and easy to use.

Choose from a Variety of Materials for Food Containers

Popular materials for packaging include plastics like HDPE, acrylic, and PP. Because of their durability and light weight when shipping, wholesale food containers in plastic are cost-effective. Our wide variety of glass food containers offers aesthetic choices like decanters, mugs, jam and Mason jars, and bale wire jars with vacuum seals. Glass is inert, environmentally friendly, and easily and widely recycled, making glass containers a popular choice. Tin-plated steel cans are used regularly for packing cooked food items like vegetables and stews, as they offer a sealed product with long shelf life. Square and round tins are a solid choice for baked goods and candies and can be ordered plain or seasonally decorated.

When you partner with Berlin Packaging for your bulk food containers, we can assist with warehousing and inventory needs. With substantial international warehouse space, Berlin helps keep your products safe and on hand when needed.

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