Make plastic or steel drums and their appropriate closures your go-to packaging solution for a variety of products. Drum plugs prevent spills, and keep foreign materials out of your product. Use durable, metal sealed drums with spouts and steel drum plugs to package poisonous or corrosive chemicals.

Choosing the Right Drum Plugs

There are a number of drum closures available for temporary and long-term packaging. Seal spouts on plastic and metal drums with the appropriate bung locking kits or standard drum plugs. A locking kit is manufactured child-resistant, helping to ensure products in the drums aren't tampered with and prevent unauthorized access. Steel, zinc plated steel, and bronze alloy plugs are a sustainable and efficient way to seal spouts on steel drums. Steel drums are resistant to corrosion, so they are useful for packaging acidic, caustic, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Plastic drum plugs work well on both closed head metal and plastic drum spouts in most instances, but usability may differ by product.

Drum Closures for Open Head Drums

Lug lids are popular for sealing open head, epoxy lined, FDA approved steel drums for medical or food packaging. Securely seal single-use plastic drums that contain standard non-toxic, hazard-free materials using cutaway or tear tab lids. These HDPE lids provide secure closure that's lightweight and durable. Use drum and barrel accessories like plastic sheet dust covers to prevent product contact with foreign materials that can alter the taste and chemical composition.

Sourcing Solutions for Big Business

Find all the right closures and drums for your shipping and packaging requirements. Berlin Packaging offers efficient, cost-effective sourcing opportunities, so you never have to run out of packaging supplies. Choose from a network of over 900 vendors and suppliers to find the right packaging materials for your company.

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