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Charlie's Soap on Working with Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven

Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven recently created brand design and custom bottles for Charlie's Soap. Here's what Taylor Sutherland, President of Charlie's Soap, had to say about working with Berlin and Studio One Eleven:

It was very easy to work with Berlin. We enjoyed the fact that we’ve been working with Berlin for a while and it made the transition to a new packaging development style much, much easier. It was very turnkey. It really takes our brand to the next level and I’m really proud of it. We are here at the International Housewares Show and people who are not even in our market stop by and look and I know we are on to something. I can’t help but to just gush and look at it. Well you only have two seconds of an eye ball as it goes down the shelf and you have to maximize your impact on the consumer in those two seconds. We’re going to pop tremendously with this new light look – it stands out on the shelf. So we’ve enjoyed this whole thing. Plus, you guys are awesome.

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